The MSc in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology is a 2 year (120 ECTS) Masters of Science programme.

The first year is dedicated to course work. The core courses of the programme run in modules, one at a time, where a 6 ECTS course lasts for 3 weeks and a 3 ECTS course for 1,5 weeks.

This organization gives students the opportunity to focus on one subject at a time and to build up knowledge and training as they go from course to course. Furthermore, since students are dedicated to one course at a time, they receive continuous practical hands-on training, involving experimental laboratory work, computational training, data processing and analytical methods. The evaluation of student performance is done during or at the end of each module.

Optional courses (6 ECTS per semester) run either in modules or for half semesters.

In the beginning of the second year, students take a course called Project (6 ECTS) where they elaborate and present their Masters thesis plan. The remainder of the year is then spent on the Dissertation (54 ECTS) where students engage in a research project. This project can be pursued either within or outside ULisboa.

At the end of the second year, students write up a Masters thesis and defend their work in a public defense.

The MSc in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology regularly receives students from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris because it forms the “Evolution and Development node” of its Masters in Developmental Biology programme.

Students of the MSc in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology can also apply to spend the 2nd semester of the first year at UPMC or to participate in the International Curie/UPMC Developmental Biology course at the beginning of their second year.