2018/2019 academic year

First year

1st semester
Phylogenetics (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Octávio Paulo

Complementary Studies in Integrative Biology I: R (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Vitor Sousa

Experimental Evolution (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Margarida Matos

Genetics and Genomics of Environmental Change (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Octávio Paulo

Genes and Adaption (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Sara Magalhães

Optional (6 ou 3+3 ECTS)
Recommended Optionals:
Animal Models in Biomedical Research (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Élio Sucena
Complementary Studies in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology I: Population Genomics (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Vitor Sousa
Computational Methods in Evolution and Ecology (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Francisco Dionísio

2nd semester
Bioimaging (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Gabriel G. Martins

Genes and Molecules in Development (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Sólveig Thorsteinsdóttir

Evolution and Development (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Élio Sucena

Stem Cell Biology and Technology (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Gabriela Rodrigues

Comparative and Developmental Neurobiology (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Clara Amorim

Optional (6 ou 3+3 ECTS)
Recommended Optionals:
Cell and Molecular Biology of Cancer (3 ECTS)
Lecturers: Rita Fior | Rita Zilhão
Research Practice II (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Sara Magalhães
Complementary Studies II: Research  (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Élio Sucena

Second year

Project (6 ECTS)

Dissertation (54 ECTS)


Participants in the Biology and Technology of Stem Cells course 2014/15