2019/2020 academic year

First year

1st semester
Phylogenetics (3 ECTS)
Lecturers: Octávio Paulo, Francisco Pina Martins

Experimental Design (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Vitor Sousa

Experimental Evolution (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Margarida Matos

Animal Models in Biomedical Research (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Élio Sucena

Genetics and Genomics of Environmental Change (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Octávio Paulo

Evolutionary Medicine  (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Patrícia Beldade

Plus 6 or 3+3 ECTS in optional course(s):

Recommended Optionals:
Biomolecular Methods (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Rita Zilhão (8 places)

Population Genomics (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Vitor Sousa

Seminars in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology (3 ECTS)
Lecturers: Sara Magalhães, Élio Sucena

Computational Methods in Evolution and Ecology (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Francisco Dionísio

2nd semester
Bioimaging (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Gabriel G. Martins

Genes and Molecules in Development (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Sólveig Thorsteinsdóttir

Evolution and Development (6 ECTS)
Lecturers: Élio Sucena, Patrícia Beldade

Comparative and Developmental Neurobiology (3 ECTS)
Lecturer: Clara Amorim

Research Practice II (6 ECTS)
Lecturers: Sólveig Thorsteinsdóttir, Manuela Coelho

Plus 6 or 3+3 ECTS in optional course(s):

Recommended Optionals:
Genes and Adaption (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Sara Magalhães

Stem Cell Biology and Technology (6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Gabriela Rodrigues

Cell and Molecular Biology of Cancer (3 ECTS)
Lecturers: Carla Lopes | Rita Zilhão

Basics of the Biology of Stem Cells (3 ECTS; no practicals)
Lecturer: Gabriela Rodrigues

Second year

Project (6 ECTS)
In this course students normally plan and write their dissertation project.

Dissertation (54 ECTS)
The dissertation work can be done in FCUL or in other institutions in Portugal or abroad. Click here to see the Master dissertations of our graduates.


Participants in the Biology and Technology of Stem Cells course 2014/15