The MSc in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology provides advanced training in these two broad areas of Biology and Biomedicine. The study of Evolution gives students an explanatory and integrative vision of biology. The study of Development addresses the organization of life at multiple levels, from molecules to cells, from genetics to complex systems, and aims to unveil the regulatory mechanisms underlying the formation and workings of multicellular organisms. The integration of these two areas increases the understanding of living systems and their change over time. This Masters programme puts a major emphasis on integrating these two areas and linking them with other areas of biology. It gives students a solid conceptual as well as practical training, urges them to think critically and analytically, and gives them a robust preparation for a professional career in advanced basic or applied biological research.


The Masters in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology celebrates its 10th anniversary with a Symposium on December 21st in FCUL!  More information here!